The Boondocks
Season 3, Episode 44
Air date August 8, 2010
Written by Aaron McGruder
Directed by Young Chan Kim
Production # 314
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The Color Ruckus is the fourteenth episode of the third season of the Adult Swim original series The Boondocks.

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Uncle Ruckus tells the story of his family in the beginning. He was "adopted" by black people after his white parents kicked him out because of his revitiligo. He had a caring mother who idolised white people and an abusive father who hated white people. He also had two brothers, Darrel an Darryl. One day his Grandma came to his house to die, which causes his dad to leave. Back in present day Woodcrest, Ruckus goes to his shack to find his grandmother there waiting for him. She says she wants to die in his shack now. He goes to the Freeman house and asks to stay with them, but unfortunately his grandma finds him and decides she will now die in the Freeman house. Robert tries to get her out but she threatens to cut him with her knife. The rest of Ruckus's family shows up and they have dinner with the Freemans. The We also find out that Ruckus's father eventually kicked him out desite the rest of his family's protests. The Mother talks about Darrel and Darryl's careers, as Uncle gladfully congratulates them, Mister Ruckus mocks him on his life. Uncle says he never liked him because he was adopted, but the father doubts the adoption, making him burst into tears and run upstairs. He sees the Freeman family and talks to them. He was telling them that the father kicked him out. When they return to the living room to see Ruckus' grandma she is dead, causing Ruckus's father to celebrate. Ruckus digs her grave with some help from his brothers. They then tell Uncle Ruckus about Mister Ruckus's hate for white people. They tell him that the father has been brutally abused by the white people when he was doing his job(s), which makes him hold a grudge against them. During her funeral Ruckus's father mocks him, which makes him angry and cuss at his father about all the abuse he's recieved. His father tries to beat him with the alcohol bottle for finally standing up to him, but he got his own back broke (due to the beatings from the white people), then falls into the open grave and breaks his neck, which kills him. The mother carelessly decides to search and marry a white man. As his family leaves Uncle Ruckus's house he now accepts black people.