The Boondocks
Season 3, Episode 42
Air date July 18, 2010
Written by Aaron McGruder
Directed by Sung Hoon Kim
Production # 313
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Mr. Medicinal is the twelth episode of the third season of the Adult Swim original series The Boondocks.

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After a checkup, a doctor warns Granddad that he could die any day if he doesn't lower his stress levels. Not wanting to become dependent on pills, he decides to take Thugnificent's suggestion and turns to medical marijuana and this leads Granddad to the marijuana trafficking business.

He warns him though, that his dealer is the "Weed Kingpin". His dealer, Grant, turns out to be totally harmless and the weed shop functions as would a legalized shop in California (jars of very specific strains and edibles). The boys become alarmed by his new, happy, well-adjusted, personality. Later, he sends Huey and Riley to stay the night at Tom's house. When policemen are called to the Freeman household, Tom, Huey, Riley and Jazmine run across the street to find Granddad butt-naked, playing the bongos, while smoking marijuana, scarring Jazmine for life. Even after having to make an embarrassing apology to his grandchildren, he continues to smoke, eventually getting arrested for driving too slow. In court, Granddad pleads not guilty until being informed that marijuana was only legalized in certain states,like in California, not including Maryland. Unsatisfied with substituting liquor for weed, he leads a protest to free a recently arrested Grant, not knowing he had been released on bail, and is subsequently incarcerated for a second time. During trial, he states to the judge that he has made plans to move to California, so as to be in compliance with the law. Unfortuantely, his plans are thwarted when he is sentenced to three weeks of house arrest, two years of probation with mandatory drug testing, and community service.The episode ends with Riley mocking Granddad about not being able to leave the house.