Attack of the Killer Kung-fu Wolf Bitch - Luna
"You ever heard of the Kumite"


Luna is a one time character of The Boondocks. She appeared in the episode Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch. Luna is a beautiful woman who was a martial arts experts having fought in a deadly tournament knows as the Kumite. She is a master of White Lotus Kung Fu, having learned it form a past boyfriend who she later had to use it on. Ultimately Luna is shown to be a sad character. In a flashback her father was physically abusive to her mother. In another flashback she was shown to be in multiple abusive relationships ultimately making her a psychotic person when dealing in love. After leaving Nicole in custody, Luna blew herself up in the car. It is unknown whether or not if Nicole knows if Luna is dead.

Luna is voiced by Aisha Tyler