Its Alright To Crossdress For Christ

Its Alright To Crossdress For Christ

Winston Jerome, a man who parodies Tyler Perry, performs this song along with the many people in his compound. This song is seen in the 8th episode of season 3 entitled "Pause."

It's Alright To Cross Dress For Christ (lyrics)

Winston Jerome (singing): Hello how do you do

We're so glad you joined our crew

Welcome to our lovely compound

Where it all goes down (all singers run out wearing uniforms).

Winston Jerome (still singing): Hot oil, bananas and cream.

Chorus: Bananas and cream.

Winston Jerome (still singing): White unicorns and wet dreams

Rainbows and lace

Oh it makes me wanna scream

Anything is possible with Jesus on our team.

Chorus (singing with Jerome): It's alright to crossdress for Christ


Jesus gave me a vision

To make plays and dress like women

To wear corsets and real fine linens

Big bras with alot of padding in 'em.

Winston Jerome (still singing): Am I feminine

I know you have suspicions

but I'm all man

trust me, we can switch positions

Chorus (singing with Jerome): It's alright to crossdress for Chirst

It's alright to cross dress for Christ (singing as they form a pyramid formation)

(Everybody screams as they fall down from their formation)


  • Winston Jerome parodies Tyler Perry in this episode
  • This song parodies how Tyler Perry dresses as a women named Madea in many of his shows and movies
  • The scene is a spoof of the film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". The song parodies the songs "Time Warp" and "Sweet Transvestite" from that film.