" I admire entrepreneurship in young people. "Ed Wuncler

Ed Wuncler


Old Ass Wuncler 2838


Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 70-85
Location Woodcrest
Relatives Ed Wuncler lll Eddie Wuncler
First Appearance The Garden Party
First Mentioned The Garden Party
Episode Count 6
Voiced By Ed Asner

Ed Wuncler, Sr. (voiced by Edward Asner): is the secondary antagonist of the boondocks. he is an overweight, rich realtor whose family founded the town of Woodcrest and have lived in the area for over a century.


He acts as the hyperbolic archetypal capitalist in the show, seen praising the freedom to exploit cheap labor and complaining about high taxes in "The Block is Hot". The wealthy Wuncler owns the mortgage loan on Granddad's house (as he does with every house in Woodcrest) and somehow Woodcrest's police force, and is embarrassed by his inept grandson, Ed Wuncler lll. Wuncler also owns the fictional fast food restaurant franchise, "McWuncler's", and the character bears a resemblance to his voice actor. Wuncler sometimes does things considered racist, such as referring to Grandad as "Robert Freedman", and employing only illegal Mexicans at his restaurants; ultimately, though, his racism is portrayed as simply being a byproduct of his insatiable greed rather than an active hatred of those from different races. Ed seems to have taken a general liking to Robert, referring to him as "Old school", and even funding his Soul food Restaurant venture in the episode "The Itis", though this may have merely been a plot to lower property values in the area so that he could purchase the nearby park and "develop" it. He also has a sweatshop which is run by 12-year-old Indonesian girls as Huey reveals and Ed confirms in "The Block is Hot", demonstrating his ruthless manner. His last name originates from The Lorax where the antagonist is a faceless business owner called the Once-ler. The Lorax portrays the Once-ler as a satirical character embodying intense greed. Ed Wuncler (last name pronounced the same way as "Once-ler") even bears a physical resemblance to the character.


  • Ed Wuncler, Sr.'s personality and appearance may be based off of David Rockefeller, Sr. , a famous American businessman and entrepreneur.